About Us

In a joint venture operation, Gatas Group has built and managed on a 26000 squared meters the “Animal City” (the first and only one in Lebanon), containing a big zoo (200 species of animals), a large entertaining area for children games (Inflatable tunnels, castles, sliders, jumpers, arcades) and many more interesting features. In addition to 15 outlets such as a restaurant (250 sitting persons), a fast food and a snack bar, a pets and gifts shop, a ballroom for birthdays and special events... Animal City is a magical environment where you can enjoy your time, explore, expand your knowledge and interact with various live exotic animals, in the beautiful and natural Naher el Kaleb Valley.

Our Mission

Animal City is a refuge containing more than 50 species of wild and domestic animals sheltered, fed and protected. We care about inspiring people to care, educating tomorrow’s wildlife warriors and giving families a great day out.

Our Services


5,000 LBP
Animal City has devoted a large entertainment area for kids to fully enjoy their time (Inflatable tunnels, castles, sliders, jumpers, arcades). It is an educational yet entertaining environment that is fit for your little ones. Let your kids go wild and enjoy a fun and exciting day.


There is a cafeteria (250 sitting persons), a fast food and a snack bar inside to satisfy your hunger.

Photo with Snake

5,000 LBP
Visitors can take photos and interact with some harmless animals such as the python snake.

Pony Riding

3,000 LBP
Pony riding is one of the most famous activities at animal city! Almost all children love to ride the pony when visiting the zoo, and even some of them come especially to practice this activity.

Admission Fees

7,000 LBP
7,000 LBP
Under 18 Months

Opening Hours

Every Day
10.00 AM - 7.00 PM